14 Mai 2016

Schlagzeilen der internationalen Ausgabe von VALOR ECONÔMICO vom 14.5.2016


Temer defines priorities of his government

Acting president will focus on changing trade policy, pursuing economic stability and handing operations to the private sector
PT and Lula fear isolation in new political arenaPOLITICS

PT and Lula fear isolation in new political arena

Former president is again negotiating a broad leftist front with the support of social movements
Rousseff’s permanent removal isn’t yet a done dealPOLITICS

Rousseff’s permanent removal isn’t yet a done deal

Senators of the new governing base believe Temer will have to negotiate to guarantee 54 votes

European CEOs expect a more stable environment for business

CEOs of Nestlé, Roche and Maersk cited corruption and lack of predictability as the main hurdles to be overcome in order to resume growth

Jump in bad-loan charges hurt banks’ quarterly profits

Total set aside by the five biggest banks to cover credit losses was more than double their net income in the first quarter


Claudia Safatle
Claudia Safatle

New government bets on expansion of investments

Michel Temer is expected to make a shift in the fiscal policy toward a sustainable trajectory of government debt
Ribamar Oliveira

Rousseff faces new battle in June

Federal Court of Accounts will say whether the president’s 2015 accounts should be rejected
Cristiano Romero

The new shield for the Central Bank

Autonomous Central Bank of Henrique Meirelles greatly outperformed the subservient BC of Alexandre Tombini


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