21 April 2016

Der ECONOMIST bringt es auf den Punkt!

Im Heft können Sie dann diesen Artikel lesen:

Dilma Rousseff has let her country down. But so has the entire political class.

"...The failure is not only of Ms Rousseff’s making. The entire political class has let the country down through a mix of negligence and corruption. Brazil’s leaders will not win back the respect of its citizens or overcome the economy’s problems unless there is a thorough clean-up.

Ditching Dilma
Sunday’s vote was not the end of Ms Rousseff, but her departure cannot now be far off. Brazil ought not to mourn her. Incompetence in her first term in office, from 2011 to 2014, has made the country’s economic plight incomparably worse. Her Workers’ Party (PT) is a prime mover behind a gargantuan bribery scheme centred on Petrobras, the state-controlled oil company, which channelled money from contractors to politicians and parties. Although Ms Rousseff has not been personally implicated in the wrongdoing, she tried to shield her predecessor as president, Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva, from prosecution.What is alarming is that those who are working for her removal are in many ways worse. ..."

Zur Erklärung der Hintergründe zeigt der ECONOMIST diese Graphiken

und erklärt diese unter der Überschrift

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