17 April 2016

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Chamber of Deputies begins session to vote impeachment

Opposition was counting on 368 votes to approve the proceedings against President Rousseff
How business leaders turned away from the governmentECONOMY

How business leaders turned away from the government

Mood toward the Rousseff administration soured with interventionism and end of benefits to sectors
Rousseff open to supporting new presidential votePOLITICS

Rousseff open to supporting new presidential vote

President and Lula taped a statement to be released on social media Friday and Saturday in a last-minute offensive against the impeachment

Party negotiations bolster pro-impeachment faction

PP decides to vote en bloc for President Rousseff’s ouster; government negotiates with legislators individually

Banks reject notion that debt renegotiations mask default rates

Responding to Moody’s report, lenders say that restructured debts may cause more losses if clients indeed will default


Claudia Safatle
Claudia Safatle

Fiscal adjustment is the key for recovery

New government would have to present immediately a fiscal program that balances public accounts or reaches a small primary surplus in 2017
Ribamar Oliveira

Tax revenue falls in March and worsens situation

Preliminary data reveal a real decline above 4% of taxes collected directly by the Secretariat of Federal Revenue
Cristiano Romero

The culprits

Dilma Rousseff, Guido Mantega, Nelson Barbosa and Arno Augustin: the names behind the worst crisis


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