11 August 2016

Schlagzeilen der internationalen Ausgabe von VALOR ECONÔMICO


Marfrig negotiates bond redemption to avoid change in equity structure

Bonds have to be converted in January and would make BNDESPar the largest shareholder in the company
Lawyers propose Car Wash amnesty POLITICS

Lawyers propose Car Wash amnesty 

Focus of a proposal being discussed behind the scenes in Congress draws distinction between slush funds and bribery
In last act, Rousseff will advocate plebiscitePOLITICS

In last act, Rousseff will advocate plebiscite

Decision pleased Workers’ Party members, although many doubt whether proposal is the best strategy at this point

Government may collect fixed pension contribution from rural workers

Proposal aims to curtail big deficit in rural system while making it easier to verify whether workers are really entitled to benefit

How Casino is trying to correct the failed spinoff of Cnova

French retailer promises R$570m in synergies from merging back its e-commerce arm in Brazil with Via Varejo


Ribamar Oliveira
Ribamar Oliveira

Cost of minimum-wage raise reaches R$179.1bn

Tying pension and assistance benefits to the minimum wage means proposed spending cap would not be viable without tax hikes
Cristiano Romero

The advantages of securitization

The government may raise up to R$15bn with the securitization of tax debts already split by refinancing programs
Antonio Delfim Netto

Time to lose the innocence!

National interest frequently is nothing more than interest groups filtered by politicians interested in maximizing and maintaining their power


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