16 August 2016

Schlagzeilen der internationalen Ausgabe von VALOR ECONÔMICO vom 16.8.2016

ECONOMYGDP revision avoids tax increase in 2017
Officials study plan B for Celg D privatization
Antonio Delfim NettoIs state corporatism invincible?
It is time to expose the “winners” of those who benefit from the state to the majority of “losers” in society
BUSINESSAzul resumes expansion plans and forecasts profit in 2017
BUSINESSPanasonic manages to grow amid Brazilian crisis
POLITICSUnder new rules, electoral campaign kicks off in Brazil
AGRIBUSINESSHydrous-ethanol market shrinks on weaker supply and demand
BUSINESSParty atmosphere sets the tone for Rio 2016

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