05 Juli 2017

Schlagzeilen der internationalen Ausgabe von VALOR ECONÔMICO


US resists fast-tracking Brazil’s OECD membership

Trump administration advocates cautious expansion of the organization, posing hurdle to Brasília’s plans

Opposition cheers deputy handling charge against Temer

Sergio Zveiter is from the same party as president but considered an independent, and has not appointed people to any government posts


Fight for control of Itapemirim mars acquisition of Passaredo

Former owners struggle in court to retake control of interstate bus company, which has offered to buy regional airline

Government rushes to end payroll-tax cuts

Desperate to raise enough cash and avoid overshooting the deficit target, officials try to undo previous deal that softened tax hike


Vale to announce new management structure soon

Changes to be implemented by CEO Fabio Schvartsman include eight officers handling specific areas


Cristiano Romero

Crisis is deflationary and Central Bank will act

With inflation melting, the Monetary Policy Committee should accelerate the decline in policy rate Selic

The confused and insecure judicialization 

There is still some hope that the government, if it survives, may coordinate its base to pass what was left of the reforms

Small IPCA should adjust spending in 2018

Inflation gauge to be announced on Friday is expected at 3.08% in the 12 months through June

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