28 August 2016

Nachrichten aus der internationalen Edition von VALOR ECONÔMICO


Temer defines post-impeachment actions

Social Security reform and spending cap will be the government’s priorities when impeachment trial is over
Chamber speaker rules out tax increasesPOLITICS

Chamber speaker rules out tax increases

Rodrigo Maia downplayed clash between coalition parties over public-sector raises and suggested the government should improve its communication
The politics of Rodrigo JanotPOLITICS

The politics of Rodrigo Janot

Prosecutor-general, who gained a leading role in the Petrobras scandal, has a difficult relationship with politicians and the Supreme Court

Investors await end of impeachment trial to take decisions on Brazil

Even if seen as a foregone conclusion, ouster of Dilma Rousseff will mark new position of foreign investors about Brazilian assets

Time to decide “if we want a Brazil like Venezuela”

Philipp Schiemer, president of Mercedes-Benz in Brazil, says country needs to take the chance to carry out needed reforms


Claudia Safatle
Claudia Safatle

Temer honeymoon coming to an end

There is no hypothesis of making exceptions in proposal for spending cap, says Chief of Staff Eliseu Padilha
César Felício

Rubble after the impeachment

The new government will face one of the weakest oppositions since the military regime
Ribamar Oliveira

Improvements in the spending-cap proposal

If text of constitutional amendment proposed continues as is, judiciary branch will violate cap already in the first year


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