31 August 2016

VALOR ECONÔMICO: Schlagzeilen der internationale Ausgabe von heute, dem Tag, an dem Temer endgültig die Präsidentschaft von Dilma übernahm


Dilma Rousseff is ousted from the presidency

Impeachment trial confirms president's removal, with 61 senators considering her guilty of crime of responsibility
Temer is in a hurry to push pension reformPOLITICS

Temer is in a hurry to push pension reform

Government intends to show commitment to fiscal adjustment by submitting proposal for social security as soon as possible
New president expects to take office soon after trial conclusionPOLITICS

New president expects to take office soon after trial conclusion

Michel Temer intends to travel to China, to seek trade partners, right after swearing-in ceremony

Temer wants to replace Planning minister

Dyogo Oliveira is seen as having views that conflict with the new administration's plans, to be carried out by Finance Minister Meirelles

Impeachment confirmation to trigger negotiations for 2018 elections

Michel Temer will continue denying he will seek re-election, but allies see him as natural candidate in case economy revives


Cristiano Romero
Cristiano Romero

Strong governments pass “unpopular” reforms

Only now the Temer administration will have the conditions to deal directly and openly with crucial issues to solve the Brazilian crisis
Antonio Delfim Netto

Where are we and why?

We must pay the penalties and risks of the choice of counting on accidental gains to support greater consumption
Angela Bittencourt

Brazil switches presidents, GDP drops and Selic stays put

Buoyed by continuing activism among central banks, market downplays global inflationary risks as US Federal Reserve signals imminent rate hike


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