10 Oktober 2016

Überschriften der internationalen Ausgabe von VALOR ECONÔMICO vom 10.10.2016


Caixa to free up R$34 billion for mortgages

The bank has overcome limitations in funding, but faces weak demand for loans; also plans to transfer loan warranties to the Treasury
Genish to step down from TelefônicaBUSINESS

Genish to step down from Telefônica

Chairman Eduardo Navarro will replace him in January; CEO Amos Genish does not plan retirement but for now will focus on his children
Pay raise below inflation reaches 96% of state companies ECONOMY

Pay raise below inflation reaches 96% of state companies 

According to Planning Ministry, federal state-run firms are avoiding granting real wage increases in order to help fiscal adjustment 

Pension costs exceed 30% of states’ personnel expenses

Disbursements on retirees and pensioners grow at faster pace than that of current workers, creating hurdles to complying with spending caps

State Grid will create new power distributor in Brazil 

Chinese group plans to set up new unit after concluding purchase of CPFL, which could include a bid for Celg D and other Eletrobras distributors


Angela Bittencourt
Angela Bittencourt

Chamber vote will dominate market moves

Holidays lower liquidity but crucial vote on spending-cap bill and revamp of capital-repatriation law may trigger rallies
Claudia Safatle

Effects of PEC 241 vote on the economy

Government is marshaling its forces to approve reforms that might help Central Bank ease rates and bring optimism amid a still uncertain outlook 
Ribamar Oliveira

How to spend the repatriated money

Treasury Secretary Ana Paula Vescovi says funds that had been sent illegally abroad won't be used for new spending


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