24 Oktober 2016

Wirtschaftsnachrichten aus der englischen Ausgabe von VALOR ECONÔMICO


Payment of fines and taxes prevails in repatriation program 

Large taxpayers avoid bringing all the money held abroad, while investments below $3m are coming back 
PDG Realty on the verge of bankruptcy filing BUSINESS

PDG Realty on the verge of bankruptcy filing 

Creditor banks are not releasing additional funds to projects under construction and contract cancellations 
Viracopos operator seeks revised concession termsBUSINESS

Viracopos operator seeks revised concession terms

Concessionaire wants R$450m break from original contracts as passenger demand at São Paulo airport is 45% lower than initial projections

Most mayors elected this year face difficult budget outlook

The 26 capitals of the country accumulated R$12.4 billion in leftover spending at the end of 2015 or 59.8% of funding available during the period

Federal investments still declining

Treasury data show spending falling to 0.5% of GDP in the year to August from 0.9% in 2015


Angela Bittencourt
Angela Bittencourt

Government builds financial pillars of 2017

A rare combination this month: Selic cut, better Petrobras, end of the election cycle and the capital repatriation bill, and the spending cap
Claudia Safatle

Government confident GDP will react by year’s end

There’s an expectation that growth in the 4th quarter will be greater than zero
Ribamar Oliveira

Government forecasts decline in equilibrium rate 

The improved forecast, however, will depend on approval of budget and social security reforms in Congress


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