11 März 2016

Schlagzeilen der internationalen Ausgabe der Wirtschaftzeitung VALOR ECONÔMICO


Senate seeks parliamentarism solution 

Senate president Renan Calheiros leads talks to install a new system of government as political crisis draws closer to a decisive point
Government allies admit crisis requires change in administrationPOLITICS

Government allies admit crisis requires change in administration

Discouraged, congressmen say privately that president has shown being incapable of putting the economy back on track
Lula under pressure to head cabinetPOLITICS

Lula under pressure to head cabinet

Former president could take over Chief of Staff role or lead the Secretariat of Government

Brazil tests bond markets as ECB cuts rates

Treasury saw strong demand for $1.5bn in ten-year bonds, which will pay 6.125% and benchmark new debt sales

OAS bondholders likely to buy Invepar stake

Auction of 24% slice in infrastructure holding company happens on Monday, but pension funds may exercise right of first refusal


Claudia Safatle
Claudia Safatle

It is time to slow down the rate of inflation

Central Bank will only cut interest rates when it manages to anchor market expectations
Ribamar Oliveira

Waiting for the long-term fiscal adjustment

Given the political crisis that has engulfed the Rousseff government, the economic team is unlikely to submit a credible three-year proposal 
Cristiano Romero

A risk-taking Central Bank

There’s already a debate within the BC whether to lower the Selic policy rate. No consensus has formed yet, but the proposal is on the table


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