04 Juli 2013

Wichtige Artikel über Brasilien, zusammengestellt von "BRAZIL BUSINESS"

 — 3 hours ago
In Brazil, the police are state-run agencies that perform different functions, and therefore, they are subdivided into categories. Here you will find all the Brazilian branches of the police,
 — Yesterday
Brazil is implementing LTE/4G technology. The majorBrazilian telecommunications companies are fighting against time to implement LTE in the country until the beginning
 — 2 July
Brazilian worker legislation ensures worker's rights and regulates the relationship between employers and employees. If it is disrespected, penalties must be applied accordingly. Outlined in this article are the various penalties and how Employment Laws are monitored and enforced in Brazil
 — 1 July
Brazilian government has a program named REIDI, which allows tax reduction for infrastructure development in the country. In this article we outline what is the benefit, how it works and how to apply for it
 — 28 June
Obtaining a RADAR license and subsequently access to SISCOMEX can be achieved a couple of different ways. The fastest and easiest types of RADAR licenses are the unlimited and limited versions. The requisites for obtaining these versions are outlined here
 — 27 June
There are different penalties in Brazil for those who break traffic laws. Learn in this article the system of fines established in the country
 — 26 June
In Brazil, there is a widespread use of homeopathy as an alternative medicine. In this article you will learn when the practice started and its current use
 — 25 June
Tax breaks are available for Brazilian based producers engaged in exportation or looking to start. Presented in this article is a general overview of tax breaks, industry specific programs
 — 24 June
In Brazil, the Medical Industry has huge growth potential although it is still currently dependent on imports. TheBrazilian government has created several financing

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