28 Mai 2016

Schlagzeilen der internationalen Ausgabe von VALOR ECONÔMICO


Rio de Janeiro surpasses debt caps and seeks new revenues 

State saw tax receipts come up well short of expectations and is now looking for ways to alter ICMS taxation and oil royalties 
Oil industry bets on new bidding round of pre-salt blocks in 2017ECONOMY

Oil industry bets on new bidding round of pre-salt blocks in 2017

Trade-group chief João Camargo believes the unitized areas will be the first to be auctioned, with oil reserves up to 10m barrels
Equity stakes held by BNDES are worth R$56bnBUSINESS

Equity stakes held by BNDES are worth R$56bn

That is amount that development bank could raise at current market prices in case it decided to sell such shares

Ideological identity helps Temer proposals in Congress

New governing coalition is more in tune with the interim administration projects, something that may help it pass bills

Brazil exports sugar to "rivals" in Asia

Crop failure in Thailand and contraband to China have made sugar supplies scarce in Southeast Asian market


Alex Ribeiro
Alex Ribeiro

Goldfajn will have to deal with a reputation as dovish

Image of the BC president as a monetary policy dove will only tend to grow if the market sense he is creating a shortcut to lowering the Selic
Cristiano Romero

Systemic repercussions

As long as many continue to see "fiscal pedaling" as rubbish, crisis will deepen, because it will prevent Congress from passing structural reform
Antonio Delfim Netto

Republican social security 

Everybody must participate in the discussion of the new pension model 


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